Machined Form Design

Rethinking the way we design. Whether you're high tech, low tech, or old school, we can help you take your project to the next level. Our mission at Machinedform is to bring our experience and resources to your project. We combine 3-D Scanning, 3-D modeling, and a high level of precision to help you create a working model of your idea. We utilize Faro Design Arm and Freestyle 3-D scanners, Cincinnati CNC press brakes, Hurco CNC milling machines, and a multitude of software programs along with years of experience to create a total working solution and bring tomorrows technology right to your door.

The world of design and manufacturing is changing fast:

Our biggest competition is the status quo. It's hard to change a process that's been working, but today's world requires it.

Rethink the way you design. How can technology save you time and help make you better, and more efficient. That's how you make money in today's world.

Your time is valuable. Stop wasting hours on a process that is outdated.

E-mail us about your project and we will be in contact about how our engineering and design experience can help.