3-D Scanning

Custom Cadillac Fender Buck

From Start to Finish.
Scan... Design...Cut...Assemble...Shape.

We can even scan your existing fender, recontour it to your liking, and show you a preview before any parts are cut.

'70 Chevy Pickup

Scanning the stock cowl off a 1970 Chevy pickup to create a metal buck so the customer can modify and then test fit future cowls before sending them back to their customer.

'72 Vega Scan

Here are some pictures showing a complete body scan using our hand held Freestyle for the large areas, and our Design Arm for areas where detail is more important. That gives us maximum flexibility in the design process.

'46 Ford Pickup

Taking scan data from the fender mount bolts to create a CAD model of an inner fender, then a metal buck that will allow it to be shaped with the correct mount hole locations. The customer wants to add wider tires to this truck..

'50 Shoebox buck

We scanned one sail panel to allow the customer to fab up an identical panel for the opposite side of the car. We used the scan data to create a buck that was reversible. As you can see, it fits like a glove.