Design Services


Wire Assembly Cover

From paper to final design.

Send us any kind of drawing, (even on a napkin) and we will turn it into a finished part.
This is a custom electrical mounting bracket that has been pemserted to allow easy and proffesional mounting of all relays.


Gas Tank

Here's a custom fuel tank showing the finished and exploded views. We don't hide anything. You can see every detail before we start.
Once again, getting the design right and knowing how to precisely bend every part so it fits together perfect is our specialty.

Seat Pan

This is a scan of a custom built bike. All planes and mounting surfaces were created, then the seat pan was built in CAD. From there we created the cut file, had it water jet cut, and then into the CNC press brake to do the bending. All mounting holes line up perfectly and the pan fits the bike like a glove. No more paper templates and yard sticks.

GTO Billet Door Panel Base

This part was created to replace the lower carpeted portion of a GTO door panel. We first created the part in CAD and then CNC machined it with the GTO logo in the center. A very nice touch to a very nice street rod.

Custom Wheel and Tire

Just about anything is possible. This is a custom tire and wheel combo built completely in CAD. The wheel and tire dimensions are variable so we can create any look you might want to see. This is essential when building a custom frame for a street rod and you want to check ride height and look of the finished product before setting up any custom suspension.

Sheet Metal Design

This shows some CAD work of a very complicated sheet metal part. The two pieces actually weld together with tab and slot locators. The holes in the bottom part are a .005 tolerance fit, so the bend program had to be perfect.