3D Printing

Great for prototyping. We now offer 3D printing services when you need a one off part or need to check the fit of a part before any machining is done.

Body Mounts

This was a pretty simple job for us. The customer needed a dozen custom body mounts for a custom chassis. He could either spend all day making them by hand, or send us a drawing on a napkin with dimensions and get a dozen perfect parts. While he did other work that he is more qualified for.

CNC Press Brake

Our Cincinnati CNC Press Brake can handle all sorts of jobs, from big sheet metal to small intricate jobs. In any case, precision work with extremely low tolerance is what we do. All bend programs are written directly from the CAD model for an exact fit and finish.

Fab Equipment

We have a multitude of equipment in the shop including a large shear, corner notcher, Pemserter, NC cutoff saw, welding shop, in addition to a CNC Press Brake and CNC Mill. We also regularly utilize water jet, plasma, and laser cutting machines.